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Jobbs On is gradually working to improve our working methods. Here are some of the policies that are followed daily in our business. We care more!

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Environmental policy

Jobbs On is a modern company and we are aware of the environmental problems that exist today. We take responsibility for the environment and constantly work to increase employees 'understanding of how we can jointly contribute to reducing the business' environmental impact.

In our own business, we try to take the environment into account in all our parts. We set environmental requirements for all types of purchases of services and goods. We strive to reduce travel through smart IT solutions, and when we or our consultants travel, we strive to use trains or other public transport.


We prioritize these environmental measures


We strive to reduce travel through smart IT solutions. All employees are expected to choose environmentally friendly solutions for business travel.


All employees are expected to save energy, for example by putting the computer to sleep at home.

When we sign new electricity agreements, we primarily choose electricity from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, water and biofuels.


All employees are expected to contribute to reducing the amount of waste in the business through careful source sorting in the containers in all offices.


Management has the overall responsibility for the above environmental policy and guidelines.

All employees must be informed about our environmental work. When our consultants are out on assignments, they follow the customer's environmental policy.


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