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The first step is a needs analysis to understand the customer's short-term and long-term needs and wishes. We are not just a supplier, but a partner for the future that you can count on.

Examples of steps in the recruitment process

  • Requirements profile - We work out a carefully selected requirements profile together with you as a customer. It is important for us to understand what you think are meritorious and personal qualities. We have noticed the importance of the people fitting in with your "culture fit" for the person to be long-term with you.
  • Search & Advertising - Here we reach out to potential candidates. We handle all administration, are responsible for all advertising in relevant channels and process the applications in an initial screening.
  • Candidate interview - We contact the most suitable candidates for the position and do a first interview. We inform about the company in question and tell you more about the service.
  • In-depth candidate assessment - Candidates undergo tests, in-depth interviews and reference taking. We follow up with the candidates who have not progressed in the process.
  • Feedback and reporting - Candidates are presented to the company together with a recommendation from Jobbson.

A recruitment usually takes 4-8 weeks depending on the position. In some cases, we have the right candidates already available, then recruitment can go faster.

  • Introduction - You will meet one of our skilled recruiters for needs analysis, expectations and requirements profile. After an agreement on the practical details, we start the process.
  • Advertising & Search - In addition to our search in our existing candidate pool, we design an attractive ad adapted to the target group. We ensure that the ad is visible to the right audience on the right platform. We work with traditional advertising channels and well-proven strategies on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. We create flexible, mobile-adapted application forms that make it easy for candidates to apply for the position, wherever they are.
  • Interview - We go through the selection and contact the most suitable candidates for an interview. It gives us a good insight into whether you can be right for each other.
  • Presentation - After careful reference taking, the consulting manager presents the candidates together with a summary of the process together with recommendations from Jobbson.
  • Follow-up - The consulting manager at Jobbson follows up to ensure that the work goes well and is available when needed. The consulting manager will be the hub for communication and will help with personnel responsibilities, payroll administration, development and follow-up. 

Of course! Jobbson specializes in accurate advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. In 2019, we helped customers reach more than one million Swedes in various target groups.

  • Requirements profile - One of our advertisers will contact you for a better understanding of which profiles you want to attract and which platforms are relevant. We offer a free consultation on which channels suit the target group if needed.
  • Content - We create a well-designed ad and design the landing page and the application form.
    If you want traffic to your own website, we solve it.  
  • Maintenance - The ad is running and we measure the traffic daily to ensure a good result.
    När en ansökning trillar in via landningssidan skickas kandidatens ifyllda formulär automatiskt till er. Kandidaten får en bekräftelse att ansökan mottagits och bearbetas.
  • Follow-up - Responsible advertiser follows up with statistics when marketing is completed. We go through key factors such as the number of impressions, interactions and conversion rate.

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