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Vi är karriärpartnern för dig som vill hitta rätt i arbetslivet. Kontakta oss redan idag och bli en del av Jobbs On Community!

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 "You can’t just turn passion on and off - It’s always ON" 

We are passionate about successful matching processes and are a career and recruitment partner you can trust!  

Projektledare, Entreprenadingenjörer, platschefer, arbetsledare med flera.

Maskiningenjörer, miljökonsulter, processingenjörer med flera.

Ekonomi, management, försäljning, kundtjänst med flera.

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The labor market is constantly evolving, where employees' skills are the company's most important assets. For us, it becomes increasingly important to understand you in depth as we live in a knowledge-intensive society. We strive to be an effective resource for your business and a place where people's career dreams come true.

We have a collective agreement with LO & Unionen

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